Bob Jones IV

Bob Jones IV is a clinical psychologist in private practice in suburban Atlanta, Georgia and the grandson of legendary golfer, Bobby Jones.

"To many people, Bob Jones is a person who is larger than life. Yet for all his achievements, his stature was greatest in the eyes of a little boy who knew little about the accomplishments for which the world held him in such awe. To this little boy, Bub was the greatest grandfather in the world, and his home was an adventure waiting to be explored. I was the little boy.

"Every summer, my family would head south from our home in western Massachusetts to visit the grandparents: my maternal grandmother in south Georgia, and my paternal grandparents, whom we called Neenah and Bub, in northwest Atlanta.”

"I would romp around Neenah and Bub’s imposing white mansion, discovering the treasures that it held. One object that particularly fascinated me was a globe which sat in the sun room. This globe was about 7 inches in diameter and it had four sterling-silver flags placed on it. The flags, two American and two British, were anchored in the globe at the approximate locations of the four sites of the Grand Slam tournaments.”

"One day, while Neenah and Bub were upstairs with my parents, I decided that Bub deserved a special present and with the thoughtfulness of a four-year-old I thought that the four silver flags would make a lovely gift.”

"With all the energy I could muster, I grabbed the first flag and gave it a yank. It came loose, but what followed was a five-inch piece of wire which connected the flag to a post hidden in the center. Continuing with the focused attention of youth, I removed the other three flags and carried them up the stairs to give to my grandfather.”

"I nervously walked in the room and held out my hands and told Bub that I had a present for him. My parents were apoplectic and my grandmother was a shade of white which I had never seen before.”

"Bub, however, looked at me and at my present and said, ‘Son, that was so sweet of you to think of me. However, maybe in the future you could ask Neenah’s permission before you bring me any more gifts.’ I solemnly nodded my head and gave the flags to her.”

- adapted from the introduction to Life and Times of Bobby Jones by Sidney L. Matthew